13 okt 2019
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We hit the track to see who is the fastest driver in our nugget Yaris... winer takes all
(and by all we mean nothing)
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    • Put a 3SGTE in the Yaris Hilton...I hope that driver test was the first of many because it seemed very inconclusive, I'm sure your creative minds can come up with better tests, there wasn't a drag test, and Moog crumbles under pressure from Marty, LOL.

      Yuri MarryshowYuri MarryshowPirms Gada
    • @Not Today Buddy dude don't get ass hurt that I called it a shit box ... Just like any other shit box match box toy.... Even they agree it's a crapper... Neither of them wanted to drive the shit hole home...

      Street-Time RacerStreet-Time RacerPirms Gada
    • @Mike Sheppard I had a recipe for Hot water Crust Pastry, Flaky Pastry and Suet Cruest Pastry wich seems like a cake with Steak, Kidney and Mushroom Pudding in it :D

      MrJensJanssenMrJensJanssenPirms Gada
    • I got my smoked salmon terrine with lemons recipe in Cheryl's box. 🤣

      Mike SheppardMike SheppardPirms Gada
    • I orderd one a half year ago and some other stuff and i had to pick it up from the german tax station because they wanted to see whats inside. So i got there told them i dont know whats inside as they asked me then i opened it and there was a bunch of cool stuff inside but also a Barbie Karaoke DVD in Bright Pink and they had this "whats wrong with you" expression on their faces XD

      MrJensJanssenMrJensJanssenPirms Gada
  • keep it up broo more power

    Daffon Bartenders TVDaffon Bartenders TVPirms 7 Mēnešiem
  • I could have run that lap in 1:09

    LeadBlastin22LeadBlastin22Pirms 10 Mēnešiem
  • Nearly identical times, and I'm pretty sure nearly identical tyre squeal off the start, nicely done :)

    Jacob GentJacob GentPirms 11 Mēnešiem
  • Heads I win tails you lose

    Darth TaterDarth TaterPirms Gada
  • Hey, Moog. You know what else is fast? Apexes.

    Someone In The CommentsSomeone In The CommentsPirms Gada
  • Marty already performance tuned the Car in the first Lap, by loosing unnecessary weight (Hub cap) ;)

    Dan JDan JPirms Gada
  • I can recommend "harry's laptimer" for timing laps and even analyze individual corner performance afterwards. Great app! (not affiliated)

    Dan JDan JPirms Gada
  • You scrolled down for me!!!!!!

    Daniel WottonDaniel WottonPirms Gada
  • When are we seeing the mini again

    Stephen WhiteStephen WhitePirms Gada
  • why he calls it hilton though?

    St0RM33St0RM33Pirms Gada
  • Best Driver! Right here! just as Moog said! Bring it bitches! LMAO

    Living ProofLiving ProofPirms Gada
  • Hope airbag recall is done

    Tia StoneTia StonePirms Gada
  • Paper, rock, scissors.... This bugs me more then i thought.

    Nate HopperNate HopperPirms Gada
  • Scroll no further, the best (Subaru) driver is here.

    Revengeful LobsterRevengeful LobsterPirms Gada
  • Could we have a drive-off with a slightly better car? lol. That shit was understeer city, slow, & boaty - eek. Maybe take the golf R or the Evo and do it? That would be nice.

    MrSlowestD16MrSlowestD16Pirms Gada
  • We still waiting for you visiting Argentina! Hope to see you soon here!😎

    gabriel nardigabriel nardiPirms Gada
  • "Gonna brake late, tip it in, not as late as that person that looks like they wen tall the way over the edge" I expelled air out my nose harder with that comment. Good video

    Corey CarpenterCorey CarpenterPirms Gada
  • They are rubbish drivers scroll down to see more of me

    Ptao TomPtao TomPirms Gada
  • I’m glad you guys are still making content!!

    Kurtage77Kurtage77Pirms Gada
    • "Just scroll down" would make for a FANtastic MCM t-shirt. I think I'm a MCM fanboy now. Moog tea bagging all the keyboard raceperts. EPIC!

      Ptao TomPtao TomPirms Gada
  • "front wheel drive shopping trolley" 😂😂 such a legend!

    CassieCassiePirms Gada
  • Even moog agrees I’m the best driver🤣 great content guys! Always worth my time

    shedboyz21shedboyz21Pirms Gada
    • Anyone else ready for a new build? I am....

      CassieCassiePirms Gada
  • That’s actually pretty shocking and cool that they put down the same time. Kind of validates all of their previous races.

    Thomas MasonThomas MasonPirms Gada
  • It doesn't matter if you win by and inch or a mile. Winning is winning

    Thomas YoungThomas YoungPirms Gada
  • A whole video just to bash "pro online drivers" 😂😂 love it! Keep it up guys!💪

    Daniel QuinteroDaniel QuinteroPirms Gada
  • Now get a tutor to teach you how to drive a circuit and see how much you improve. I'm sure there are plenty of folks who just want to whine and chat shit about how they'd do it better but I just want to see you guys learn to do it better, it's not because you're bad at it (you're not), I just think it'd be entertaining to watch and be constructive for you as a driver/tuner. I'm sure as you've become more experienced in drag racing you've changed the way you approach tuning cars simply because you understand more about what you need the car to do in order to extract speed, the same thing will happen with circuit driving once you are shown how to approach it and what to change to make the car better. You might be able to drop the anchors a few metres later by uprating the brakes and get a few more KPH at the corner apex by sticking a set of coilovers on the car but you'd get a whole lot more speed at the corner exit (where it counts) by just modifying the line you took through the corner. Hope everything is well and looking forward to future content

    TjDolHaus86TjDolHaus86Pirms Gada
    • that riff for the head to head shot was raunchy

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiPirms Gada
  • Glad to see Marty and Blair are finally driving a supercar!

    Snow LeopardSnow LeopardPirms Gada
  • Marty

    Chandan TSChandan TSPirms Gada
  • Do a au falcon build

    michael beddowmichael beddowPirms Gada
  • usd 5000 Challenge buy car rollcage (hood exit exhaust & turbo/supercharger) /( engine swap) suspension tires rims all under 5 k with all necessary mods

    Oh Teck XuanOh Teck XuanPirms Gada
  • Did you see that cracked hubcap? Thats because they arent genuine jdm hubcaps that cost more than the car. #dontbuyfakes #dontsupportcopies

    Strongmemes GamingStrongmemes GamingPirms Gada
  • I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???

    JoannaJoannaPirms Gada
  • Hope they go to the midnight drags in it purely for the title "one night in yaris".

    Toms TechToms TechPirms Gada
    • Nice looking?

      JoannaJoannaPirms Gada
  • "Just scroll down" would make for a FANtastic MCM t-shirt. I think I'm a MCM fanboy now. Moog tea bagging all the keyboard raceperts. EPIC!

    Chris MartinChris MartinPirms Gada
  • I knew how bad moog is, just look at his lines. Marty takes a good enough line, but this proves to me how slow he actually is

    Matt KuenzliMatt KuenzliPirms Gada
  • Anyone else ready for a new build? I am....

    Jay SJay SPirms Gada
  • I was really hoping to see another Yaris video. ha.

    Clint WhiteClint WhitePirms Gada
  • I think it's funny that yaris is run in like gt2 and is a partial super car , but when , purchase it stock it's just so ... I don't even have words.

    sakura golden weavesakura golden weavePirms Gada
  • "if you want to find the best driver's in the world, scroll down to the comment section" HAHAHAHAHAHA savage gold

    JFK64 KennedyJFK64 KennedyPirms Gada
  • Hmmmm.... My old XP9F (2007 1,3 Luna) couldn't do skids because of the traction control...

    Henrik PaulsenHenrik PaulsenPirms Gada
  • that riff for the head to head shot was raunchy

    CultyngCultyngPirms Gada
  • speaking of best driver in the comments. theres a youtube guy called driver 61 who seems to know a thing or two. might be worth a look

    James RunyonJames RunyonPirms Gada
  • I love the "best driver is in the comments" references. Legends.

    Mike GouldMike GouldPirms Gada
  • I'd imagine a faster car would have more margin for error because you'd be going faster through the corners and probably have more oh shit moments so would have loved to see a lap done in supergramps, the evo, or the golf. That said, yeah still crazy how close they are to one another.

    Conner GoldbergConner GoldbergPirms Gada
  • Kinda getting tired of watching you guys drive a shitbox its been a couple years time to change it up

    Triniboi383Triniboi383Pirms Gada
  • Do a lifted yaris

    Ace_SpentYTAce_SpentYTPirms Gada
  • Phones it in like a politician

    AlexAlexPirms Gada
  • I am the best driver in the world.

    john kimjohn kimPirms Gada
  • Buy a Mazda 323 astina

    Todd BaldwinTodd BaldwinPirms Gada
  • Still waiting for rake to come back but been a fan since 2012 and never stopped watching you guys since keep up the good work and also bring rake back for a episode or 2

    Starry SkylineStarry SkylinePirms Gada
  • I'm the best driver. SHIP ME OUT Sponsors.

  • reasonably good skid??? 😐😐...................🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good one!

    Matthew CaninoMatthew CaninoPirms Gada
  • Why don't you using laptimer stuff with your iphone? "Racechrono" or something. It can be interesting to see log of your runs. Especially when you comparing cars you build. Then I would like to see entrance and exit speed from the corner, straight line speed. Give us more info! Petrolheads like numbers!)

    Yetis RacingYetis RacingPirms Gada
  • Next challenge who can drift

    Sasuke GarageSasuke GaragePirms Gada
  • Марти красавчик, отодрал муга ))

    ОКС БоксОКС БоксPirms Gada
  • Think you would have more chance in a stock standard hr. Just joking guys I know you love the Hiroshima' screamers. I drive a 80 tonne road train so I think I'm the best driver. Aussie Jeff

    Jeff MooreJeff MoorePirms Gada
  • Did anyone else feel the video was cut short? If that makes sense.

  • Where is the 14 YO go kart racer to compare your times with.

    robwhite240zrobwhite240zPirms Gada
  • I think all beauty shots and detail shots of yaris hilton should be done in night vision mode only.

    Joshua SzetoJoshua SzetoPirms Gada
  • Did they sell one of those creepers with the neon lights on it at super cheap auto for you to buy a Yaris??

    JosephJosephPirms Gada
  • Love you Rake

    Nestor LugoNestor LugoPirms Gada
  • im such a better driver i could have pressed that peddle so much harder and done just a 12 second lap i recon with that nugget :p

    6slimying46slimying4Pirms Gada
  • Hey, I was talking to one of the first Tesla owners in Newcastle, what a wanker, and he couldn't get past the " no petrol, no wars need to fought for sunshine fuckin attitude. I tried to explain that he could have bought any $2-5g car and converted it to run emission free on ionized water. I think. This guy from NZ has the systems. Any chance we could do a build and show this moron how real men make cars emission free. Keeping that intoxicating sound and vibration that lets you know your alive of the internal combustion engine. I'm doing mech engineering so I would come and build it with you if possible. benjaminsmith1@live.com.au . If you want to get in touch. Thanks.

    Whatdoiknow SmithWhatdoiknow SmithPirms Gada
  • Ive always felt like Marty is the better driver. Hes always been more ballzy thank Moog

    Jonathan AntonioJonathan AntonioPirms Gada
  • That intro! #letthemetalflow

    mario vega bottomario vega bottoPirms Gada
  • spot the boring racing and build things please..

    Jonathan BeaulieuJonathan BeaulieuPirms Gada
  • LVworld expert here: The fact that you made it around the track at ALL in that turd of a car is impressive rofl

    Ted BearTed BearPirms Gada
  • Those rock, paper, scissor mind games are real and hilarious!! Haha so good fellas!

    Hilltop HoodlumHilltop HoodlumPirms Gada
  • they BOTH stink. There, debate over.

    00 0000 00Pirms Gada
  • Asphalt boys do too much asphalt racing and should get back in the shed to do mods.

    The ViewerThe ViewerPirms Gada
  • Sorry for being so late, but that's me they were talking about. Best driver ever here.

    Benny TBenny TPirms Gada
  • .03 is god damned amazing. stop lying!

    Mike EMike EPirms Gada
  • Why even watch the videos, just refer to the comments directly for all the knowledge!

    Glynn DudleyGlynn DudleyPirms Gada
  • please be yaris

    ReptarReptarPirms Gada
    • _YES!

      ReptarReptarPirms Gada
  • Yes, Internet experts know best. Takes a lot of skill to press keys on a keyboard.

    Jim PropertJim PropertPirms Gada
  • WRX Yaris! Please make it happen!!!

    jjanevskijjanevskiPirms Gada
  • Moog got chopped

    Andy PerrettAndy PerrettPirms Gada
  • The stig from top gear is the best 😂

    chadwick masonchadwick masonPirms Gada
  • Does anyone know what a decent time with a real car on that track is?

    Steve BohmSteve BohmPirms Gada
  • That's emyarissing

    Andrei DacruzAndrei DacruzPirms Gada
  • Can you guys race a couple of trucks?

    Vlad TudorieVlad TudoriePirms Gada
  • For those of you looking for the best driver in the comments well you found him. You're all slow

    Matthew CutlerMatthew CutlerPirms Gada
  • 0:23 - thanks for the shout out, Moogs!

    Rollin Four LitreRollin Four LitrePirms Gada
  • Should definitely do weekly mods and lap times.... Tires 1 week Coilovers Brakes Light wheels Etc. See the time shaven off each week and prove which mods are the best

    LLB TvLLB TvPirms Gada
  • Is anyone shock there is no gauges no wonder every crash ever involves a Yaris somehow.

    Tim MurphyTim MurphyPirms Gada
  • its about time to invest into proper timing equipment.

    InBoostWeTrustInBoostWeTrustPirms Gada
  • Go TRD with Yaris Hilton!

    Atem S.Atem S.Pirms Gada
  • VVTi just kicked in yo

    spookanidespookanidePirms Gada
  • I bet you wont use yaris Hilton on open Roads. Why dont you just remove the exhaust for some yaris goodness? 😂😂

    KadirKadirPirms Gada
  • try the 240z and compare who´s the fastest driver .

    MrRanchenMrRanchenPirms Gada
  • Hey MOOGlie BOOGLIE! READ THIS COMMENT: U R a full-on Wizard 🧙‍♂️ with ur “wand” riding on a witches BROOM 🧹 Searching 4 sum X-tra ZOOM. Once U actually find it ALL U’LL see is an EVOs ARSE!!!! HAPPY HALLO’weenie’!!!

    Veritas OriginaleVeritas OriginalePirms Gada
  • Anyone need to rewind because you get lost in Marty's eyes so you didn't paid attention?

  • man this channel has gone down the shitter, roll on Cleetus videos

    MrSupermugenMrSupermugenPirms Gada
  • It was me!

    random-guy-from-the_Internetrandom-guy-from-the_InternetPirms Gada
  • 6:00 so the cheapest tyres money can buy are Pirellis?

    sekopiskisekopiskiPirms Gada
  • My favourite part about you guys, is no matter how competitive you are against each other, you still acknowledge that you’re both just there to have fun and encourage each other as much as possible! Basically co-drivers and competitors simultaneously

    Haiden LearHaiden LearPirms Gada
  • Marty had more hub caps on his lap, not sure if this means more or less power

    Defiance 32Defiance 32Pirms Gada
  • I'm 2 and 1/2 months old and I can smoke you on my trike (if mom lets me go).

    Alexander CampbellAlexander CampbellPirms Gada
  • Marty is the faster driver!

    evs251evs251Pirms Gada
  • Nice

    ParthanonParthanonPirms Gada