SUPERTURBO: Guess the weight in the comments before you watch

13 jūl 2020
535 009 Skatījumi

The Superturbo is BACK! And needs to be weighed, why? rego! In this video we're jumping into the Nissan March to go and get our weigh bridge certificate! On it's first drive on Australian roads we've got an unregistered vehicle permit which allows us to drive from point A to point B for the purposes of registering the vehicle. Can you guess how much the little nugget weighs?!
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  • We use the Metric System in Australia, google pounds to kg calculator or divide your guess in pounds by 2.205

    Mighty Car ModsMighty Car ModsPirms 4 Mēnešiem
    • 816.3265306122449

      Joseph AndrewsJoseph AndrewsPirms 3 Mēnešiem
    • I’ll take 781kg’s

      Justin FlemingJustin FlemingPirms 4 Mēnešiem
    • 952 kg

      Bryan CosioBryan CosioPirms 4 Mēnešiem
    • 770 kg

      Slightly HappySlightly HappyPirms 4 Mēnešiem
    • 809.2 kg

      Jeremy TaylorJeremy TaylorPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 1800lbs

    Ihave CrabsIhave CrabsPirms 16 dienām
  • Yea that's never open

    Chaz SwazChaz SwazPirms 24 dienām
  • i think 900kg becuse 6nd VW polo 1,6i is 950kg.

    Marviken plowing and racingMarviken plowing and racingPirms 25 dienām
  • That van around the bend though.😰

    ToniToniPirms 29 dienām
  • 780kg

    LugerLugerPirms Mēneša
  • how cool are those Honda,s

    Mike CarnotMike CarnotPirms Mēneša
  • 750kgs

    Marius SindieMarius SindiePirms Mēneša
  • Japanese cars in the Japanese market are electronically limited in speed: 180 km/h for regular cars; 140 km/h for kei cars. Now, those limitations can be overridden...

    Bruno TautBruno TautPirms Mēneša
  • 758kg

    Brayden SwiderskiBrayden SwiderskiPirms Mēneša
  • 655kg

    curtis wilcockcurtis wilcockPirms 2 Mēnešiem
  • 1763.7lbs 800kg

    ffejnamsdnalffejnamsdnalPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 800kg??

    Chaithra N RChaithra N RPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • so weird seeing renault in au

    john thracianjohn thracianPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • I dont get what you do there. I our coutry regristration work kind different 🤪

    mag321321mag321321Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 850kg

    Johannes LindemmannJohannes LindemmannPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 1020kg

    kla33e95kla33e95Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 835kg Is my guess!

    Rasmus BilowRasmus BilowPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 883 kg

    stamatis koutstamatis koutPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • I do the same thing with time. Also with getting back to the same exact spot on a LVworld video or Netflix show, stuff like that. Super useless and strange but it’s fun lol

    Veilside ShamanVeilside ShamanPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 998kg

    Veilside ShamanVeilside ShamanPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • my 1988 (series built from 1979 i think) Audi 100 5 seater (i say 4.5seats) with mafia sized boot/trunk has 1090kg in the papers (incl 75kg driver +50% fuel= 40liters i think), which was upgraded to 1200kg when the tow bar+framework got installed. ...because air+space does not really add weight :-) was kinda surprised what was crammed into that tiny car of yours.

    Psi QPsi QPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 2 Sharals.

    AnonymousAnonymousPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 1k kg

    AllmyHi5AllmyHi5Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 12:58 IS THAT A MIATA?!

    Raulbie k.Raulbie k.Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • I would guess 650 kg

    Cameron JamesCameron JamesPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 771 kg

    Adrian HernandezAdrian HernandezPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 2750lbs

    ishb3wishb3wPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Y’alls videos are dope imma have to come to Australia to meet y’all

    Jackson KnightJackson KnightPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • I like how Martin switched his dialect a bit while on the phone LOL!

    DivaniKingstonDivaniKingstonPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 900kg

    ScryptRSPSScryptRSPSPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • You can get some amazing car s were I live in the uk but car insurance is so bad my dream car is a ford Sierra saf cosworth but the insurance is so big it will never happen cost way to much really sucks

    Jordan WilsonJordan WilsonPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Long wait

    Annabelle CarterAnnabelle CarterPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • Lol get it put down on log book as a Nissan micra 1L hahaha

    Jordan WilsonJordan WilsonPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • How did you get that with crona going a rownd most people have to wait for ever lol

    Jordan WilsonJordan WilsonPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 780kgd

    Bob GnarleyBob GnarleyPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 890 kegs. Yeah I know I'm late, but hey, a lot of you nerds are very fucking early on a regular basis.

    mattydmattydPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 1640lbs...idk what that is in non-freedom units

    Rya 31Rya 31Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • I would say 1000kg for the whole car with curb weight of 200 kg! 🤔

    THEJAXELTHEJAXELPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 880 kgs is my guess, looks pretty light

    Jonathon DuranJonathon DuranPirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • 1051kg

    jossespherejossespherePirms 3 Mēnešiem
  • I like episodes like this :) good vid

    GrimesGrimesPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 814

    motiivmotiivPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Ummmm... 985 kilos

    T. M.T. M.Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • I could stop smiling see you driving around the that great little car, and everyone recognising you haha! Well done guys 👍👍

    UPbuildUPbuildPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 895kg

    Iunio92Iunio92Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 3700 kg

    Jack ElliottJack ElliottPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 630kg

    bloodglitch100bloodglitch100Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 2457lb

    james seymourjames seymourPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 1000 kg?

    Sif KhanSif KhanPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • This video reminded me that I have a tire that's a bit low and I need to inflate. Thanks Martin.

    Dan HDan HPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 1325 pounds gross weight.. a WAG... HA. ALOHA Bruddahs... when uall gonna get with them Roadkill dudes again??!!..

    Sonny Goc-ongSonny Goc-ongPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 845kg

    Mike van LieshoutMike van LieshoutPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 863

    Br4iNl3sS11Br4iNl3sS11Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 700kg

    Ala ZooAla ZooPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 878

    Erick OsorioErick OsorioPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • havent looked at the comments yet, but I'm guessing ~800kg. I had an '84 Ford Laser which was bigger and it was about ~900kg edit: lol nice

    GoombaMuffinsGoombaMuffinsPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 1098kg!

    Zach RomoZach RomoPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 870kg

    Sebastian WeineltSebastian WeineltPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 685kg

    Michael PerrinMichael PerrinPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 912 Kg

    Mando LópezMando LópezPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 850kg

    aj mazzaroaj mazzaroPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • I like how these guys say doing it the right way like their adopting a child legally. Lmao

    Kunal ChabriaKunal ChabriaPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • my guess is 980kg???

    Ghosne AounGhosne AounPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Hey guys, thanks for the upload. Shot for keeping me company.. Cheers from South Africa

    ravenxhansravenxhansPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 840kg

    commodore1979commodore1979Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 2,100 lbs

    GrainsauceGrainsaucePirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 900 kilos

    ChemAndAdrenalineChemAndAdrenalinePirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 1000kg my swift is 700 and applying older = heavier = must be better made logic 🤣

    Laura KeyLaura KeyPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 1800 lbs or for non-moon-landing countries 816.5 kg or 128 stone for top gear fans

    Ag NotAgriAg NotAgriPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 720kg

    Erik HanhyErik HanhyPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 800 kg

    hermann otthermann ottPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Will drilling a hole in the a exhaust make it sound louder and better

    F1 WanabeF1 WanabePirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • I’m trying to turn my 2008 2.0 inline 6 Ford Focus SE Sedan into a sleeper car.

    Dirty Boyz Mafia Car ClubDirty Boyz Mafia Car ClubPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 600 kg

    Rasmus L HRasmus L HPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Hi there Blair...I was wondering if you could let me know the offset size of your superlites on your JDM mini...I’m wanting to order a set for my mini and would like it to look exactly like the set up you have on’ve mentioned previously on an other vid that they are 13x7 but I need to know the offset of them ... cheers heaps mate.

    finemessugotmeinfinemessugotmeinPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 777kgs

    MuleBurger33MuleBurger33Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 958 Lbs don't know it kilos

    CodyCodyPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 881kg

    Lateaf SmithLateaf SmithPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 650kg

    PrinceOfGingerPrinceOfGingerPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Hey I’m from Malaysia and I’ve been driving a Hyundai matrix 1.6 2007 and this car has been a dear to me but till now I have no idea on how to mod my engine got any tips for me ? Dare for a Challenge?

    Addie laiAddie laiPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • I live in canada and yesterday saw a mk7 gti with a chopped fingers sticker the license plate "MARTY"

    Rory Waring.Rory Waring.Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 970

    David Condon-ThomasDavid Condon-ThomasPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 890kg

    otto leeverinkotto leeverinkPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • What is that blue Ute at 2:37 - 2:38?

    FlushdrawFlushdrawPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Anyone notice the ek4 hatch 1:36

    Edwin MejiaEdwin MejiaPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 680 kg

    aron brekiaron brekiPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • In germany you can't even park an unregistered or uninsured vehicle on the road without it beeing towed :D

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • How about , just a idea here . But build a subscribers car ? ;)

    FluffyheadjoseyFluffyheadjoseyPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 874kg

    Craig GreenCraig GreenPirms 4 Mēnešiem
    • 997.9 kilos

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • I'm gonna guess 850kg Edit: I'm shocked at how surprised you are about seeing 2 BMWs... they're common as muck here in the UK, along with Fords! Edit 2: 840kg! dang, I was close. Be interested to see who was closer between me and Marty, as he said 843, i.e. if it was 847kg or above 😆

  • 1800lbs Edit: 816.466kg. I was a little shy...

    Konstantin EKonstantin EPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 98kw

    Antonio VazquezAntonio VazquezPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 1000kg

    RAWSTORMRAWSTORMPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 2782 lbs / 1262 kgs

    PukiemonPukiemonPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 869kg?

    NubblyTheSlimeNubblyTheSlimePirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 679kg

    LakelecoLakelecoPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 820kg

    SilkSilkPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • Guess the HQ ain't returning ever again in a hurry

    David MackiesonDavid MackiesonPirms 4 Mēnešiem
  • 500 +- kilo's

    Gert-Jan WeerheimGert-Jan WeerheimPirms 4 Mēnešiem