JDM Kei Truck & Jimny 4X4 Adventure [OFF ROAD FEATURE FILM]

24 dec 2020
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In this feature length season finale, Marty and Moog take their modified cars off the beaten track for a multi-day adventure!
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    • Go with a Goldwing engine swap into the Kei Truck! :)

      A VA VPirms 10 Stundām
    • Can you post the recipe for your balls? Sounds great!

      BeersAndBacon GamingBeersAndBacon GamingPirms Mēneša

      Max JohnsonMax JohnsonPirms Mēneša
    • Cant you collab with 4wd 247?

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  • GassyR34

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  • Best mcm episode yet

    Dylan HawkinsDylan HawkinsPirms 12 Stundām
  • Are you guys trying for a job on 4WD 24-7? Cause you've got the format down pat! Tough trucks, spotting your mate through the tough stuff, stinky water holes... You were just missing two things: More beer during the cooking segment and advertising your sponsors every two minutes.

    goulash75goulash75Pirms 13 Stundām
  • Song name at 52:35 ?

    Riho VälkRiho VälkPirms dienas
  • Need a double or triple like button awesome guys thanks for the entertainment

    Kieron Troy JansenKieron Troy JansenPirms dienas
  • "Oh this one looks a little deep" *water covers half of wheel*... I fucking love you guys. Keep it real. Keep it hype.

    Cash OwensCash OwensPirms dienas
  • A massive thumbs up for the cinematography on this episode! Movie length entertainment for free. Awesome work guys :)

    Nigel HolmeNigel HolmePirms 2 dienām
  • Also... Thank you for wearing manly shorts and shirts. I was beginning to think that all Australian men wore daisy dukes and wife beaters. I don't have the legs, nor biceps to pull this off myself. Good to see cargo shorts an tee-shirts are acceptable in the bush! By the way, the sent of Justin Bieber's girlfriend has been known to arouse wildlife here in North America. This may have been what triggered the late night roo-orgy!?

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  • SEND IT XD hahaha

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  • I have watched your videos for years, but THIS was by far the best you've done! Well done mates! Way to keep things real!! 👍

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  • I just realized Turbos & Temples was 9 years ago. My guys. You have come so far and still, continue to produce amazing content. Keep it up!!!!!

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  • I absolutely loved this episode. You two had a great couple of days. I love the outdoors so this was excellent.😁

    John-John-Pirms 5 dienām
  • you got them T-Rex lookin deer. goofy

    ollie uberollie uberPirms 5 dienām
  • Awesome 4x4 adventure. Amazing little trucks, and amazing guys driving them. Fantastic scenery, great content, what a country the great outback is, you lucky people you. Seeing the way the trucks preformed, I’m definitely going to buy a Jimny and do some mods. Thanks guys and stay safe.

    Steve darcySteve darcyPirms 6 dienām
  • Thier camera man can off road and record at the same time.. Hes an expert track driver. And full time off roader

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  • Good show my only complaint is the trying a little hard with the humour...nice K truck tho.

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  • My callsign shall be Chubby Dragon

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    • I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

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    • Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

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  • I've been too busy with work. Just catching up on your mad vids :) This was awesome! If I have to change my UHF handle to your rules (ie. Something I have that's not great, and something awesome) then my new handle will be.... Schlong Comet

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  • Another great video, very informative, you guys are awesome ambassadors for our beautiful country and damn funny. Love the cooking segment slotted in the middle. Will try it next time cooking a steak. Thanks again legends!

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  • hope for more offroad videos in the near future

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    • Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.

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  • Depressed Boogeyman

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    • I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

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  • Is there behind the scenes?

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  • This may be one of only two "first-times" where you may need to bring a "raincoat" every time. Wait for it -- off road innuendo. I thought your destination at the end of the trip might be there. Well done keeping it a bit of a secret while hinting it in the feature title.

    Steve McRichardsSteve McRichardsPirms 11 dienām
  • NSW looks so similar to Alabama. I have noticed how in other videos Tasmania looks super similar to Alabama also! beautiful land. I guess thats why its called "Alabama the Beautiful" and now I feel the same for NSW. The rock formations and the hills are so similar its strange

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  • g'day! great film gents. a JDM kei truck is now in my future!

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  • Probably the best thing about MCM is the evolution of the show, I’ve been here since 2011 and love the direction you guys went. This episode was so fun to watch and would love more season finales or other hour long episodes that cover some type of challenges or builds. Well done lads.

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  • Superb adventure 😊 I enjoyed this video. Blessed 2021 everyone 😊

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  • Looks like fun! Here is the big brother, parting waters. lvworld.info/face/video/npGXnXDMp5Seca4

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  • living in california, eucalyptus is terribly invasive, so to see it here in its native range was so bizarre

    Simon HarrisSimon HarrisPirms 20 dienām
  • Ok, so u guys were environmentally conscience 1st thing out in the bush, which I commend u for, but WTF was up when u threw the price tag u ripped off the shades u just bought at the gas station, straight on the ground after tearing it off while ur sittin on the steps? !?!?

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  • Damn consumer report for killing the samurai in the US!

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  • anyone know the name of the song at 24:30? not sure if moog officially released it or not. sounds great, though

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  • ahaha reminds me of the time i took an underpowered 2WD ATV through a puddle like that and got stuck right in the middle with no way to connect a winch! my mate had to push me out with a bigger ATV with actual working 4WD. i was like knee-deep in dirty water and mud

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  • In the UK the small trucks made by Isuzu are crazy popular but only for short runs as again super uncomfortable you still feel like your sat on a box and not bonnet with your legs as part of the crash zone 🤦‍♂️ yes boyz its all about variety had loads of mad fast cars, minis, a 2cv, few old discos and landys. defo best to do em all

    Ed WilkoEd WilkoPirms 21 dienas
  • please do more of these i love the off road aspect and the way you show off our beautiful home, Australia. I love this channel and the camping trips keep it up :)

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  • Loved this change of cars and scenery keep it up and I think these adventures have a place in MCM

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  • for its size and low weight, the small truck behaved very well on the trip..!!!!

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  • I used to watch you guys all the time, haven’t been keeping up, but I literally just bought an identical jimny and found this looking up the car, you guys have come so far! And I can not wait to start modding my little jimny 👌🏼

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  • Ребята спасибо вам за крутые видео, смотрю вас с самых первых видео. Большой привет вам из России, здесь вас тоже смотрим с большим удовольствием!!!

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  • My CB call sign is Lil Red. I daily a Red 2nd gen Dakota and use my CB on trips over 50 mi or in rain/bad weather abd when it comes to opposite direction accidents and road closures. Youd be surprised how helpful it can be

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  • Reallifesoap liked the videos with the jimny!! I own a jimny 2001 cabrio my self and really like to drive it, but the thing I miss is a bit of power. I’ve heard people of super or turbocharging their jimny for extra power or putting the bigger m16a engine in it. What is the best way to get a bit more power in my jimny?

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  • Dude, this is funny. What you call off-road is complete bullshit. On such roads in Russia they drive every day on an ordinary Lada without all-wheel drive, mud tires, and all sorts of things

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